EuroMarine Network is now lauched

The EuroMarine FP7 preparatory project ended on 31 July 2013. The EuroMarine Network created on 1 June 2014 has since taken over.


... from genes to ecosystems in changing oceans ...


33869_protoceratium-reticulatum1 picture by Gustav Paulay


The twentieth century has been called the “Century of the Gene”. We can easily predict that the twenty first century will see another revolution: “From genes to ecosystems in changing Oceans”.

This revolution is on its way in biology with the current emergence of systems biology, where a specific scientific field is addressed in a more integrated way, interfacing with different disciplines along with new technological developments and new concepts.

 Many research questions from the marine environment can only be answered using a multidisciplinary approach, both at the molecular level with genomics and other new emerging 'omics technologies in combination with an integrated ecological, physical and biogeochemical ecosystem analysis and interpretation. It will be the challenge of EuroMarine to bring the marine sciences into the multi-disciplinary perspectives of the 21st Century.